Trevor Linden Clearly Contacts Commercial

TALCO was DOP for a Trevor Linden television spot introducing the Captain Canuck as the new spokesperson for Clearly Contacts.
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The commercial was created by the good people at with Cinematography by TALCO’s very own Josh Alkoff .. The graphics were done by Faction Creative.
This 30 second spot promotes Clearly Contacts as a source for low cost eye glasses.

With the launch of the advertising campaign on television you can now see Trevor Linden photos from the shoot on the front page of

We treated this product endorsement shoot as if it was Trevor Linden’s first time on a film set. The lights were backed off and soft to be less obtrusive. We  keyed with a 10k fresnel through a 12×12 diffusion frame. We goalposted a 5k fresnel chimera for his eye light above the camera. The only hard light was a 2k fresnel jawline kicker from low off Trevor’s right side. It was carefully kept away from the direction he gestured to the computer graphics.

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