’68 Chevy Impala – Camera Rig

For all the hip hop and muscle car lovers out there (click for an homage)….Here’s a shameless promotion for TALCO’s Camera Car Mounts — featuring an incredibly versatile hostess tray / side mount from Modern. It even comes in deluxe gold plating for wrapper’s delight — and it holds more then a 32 ounce drink with a burger and fries**. ** Roller skates and mini skirts coming soon.

New Truck for the New Year

Big things are coming for TALCO lighting in the first part of 2013. We are upgrading to a 10-ton truck with a larger box which allows us to double the size of our pre-loaded truck package. A 1985 Kenworth K100 Cabover (COE) diesel from a nostalgic era of trucking to deliver the following improvements to your production: 30 foot box filled with 10 tonnes of lighting and grip equipment. More HMI: We’re carrying a 6k HMI Fresnel to complement our pairs of 4k/2.5k/1.2k/575w daylight lighting. Streamlined workflow: gets equipment unloaded and on set faster to make your days on budget. Distance: filming up north or across the mountains into Alberta? No problem for this big-cam, jake break equipped, long haul truck. TALCO travels to you for your production. Here is a sneak peak, of the new TALCO package truck, coming soon in the first quarter 2013:

World Premier of Mirza: 2012

Behold some of our finest work on a skeleton crew — Mirza 2012: The Untold Story. The film which was sold out opening weekend in Canada and caused a huge stir in India. [cvg-video videoId=’76’ width=’640′ height=’420′ /] It stirred us up in Vancouver as well because of the magnitude of the lighting setups we were able to achieve with a streamlined crew of swing grip/lx technicians. A true testimony to a cohesive team and our close camaraderie with our good friend and Vancouver’s best kept cinematographer secret: TOBY GORMAN. The trailer is proof that a new era of image-making is upon us. Sensitive digital cameras — tightly knit crew of skilled independent filmmakers — making the most of limited tools — we can create huge budget-like features. We worked tightly together to create an action-packed big-budget movie look with a skeleton crew of only 4 guys (which includes a dual gaffer/key grip, a best boy, and two swing technicians). We added a tow-generator, and a 6k Par to supplement the TALCO LIGHTING & GRIP PACKAGE, and that was it. We took the time to make a simple and effective plan that would cover the entire scene with minimal disturbances. Then we took the extra time at the start of our days to set it up so the rest of the day would go smoothly. We had no rigging crew so we showed up and did everything on the day. Mirza Sahiban is one of the most famous stories in Punjabi literature, and one whose origin goes back hundreds of years. It is a story that has been told and retold for generations, so when a film takes up this tale and labels it The Untold Story, ears were certainly perking up among the millions of Punjabis worldwide. The traditional story is one of forbidden love, revenge, and tragedy; not unlike many legendary folk tales from the world over, but this tragic ending is a bit notorious, because of a twist at the end that gives the story a part of its name.  

Modern Camera Car Mounts on “Pressed”

Our new Modern Studio Equipment “hostess tray” style side mount in action on a Dodge Viper Powered SRT-10 Ram. We’re in beautiful Kelowna, BC at the moment on our third feature with the ever popular Vancouver based independent cinematographer Norm Li. It stars up and coming english actor Luke Goss previously known as part of the brit pop duo Bros. It is directed by Justin Donnelly from TV The Troop. … yes we are way behind on our posts — ! Contact us if you’d like to rent our car mounts or find out more about flying Norm’s lighting balloon.

VFS Studio Shoot in a Box

This time lapse from the first portion of a 6 day film shoot at VFS with director Michael Chayse — Head of Production for VFS Entertainment — shows what can be done with TALCO’s 5-ton lighting and grip package truck out of the box. [media id=43 width=500 height=300] Vancouver Film School’s equipment was booked by multiple graduation projects from the cinematography program. Michael was leading an inter-department collaboration between the school of business and post production code named Project Space Squid, which involved students, faculty, and alumni. The project was based on the sci-fi cosmic horror writing of HP Lovecraft, an american writer from the turn of the century. Michael needed professional lighting to bring Lovecraft’s surreal Cthulhu Mythos to life. VFS Entertainment turned to our grip truck to convert an unused space which had no lighting grid into a functioning green screen studio with lights and equipment. We performed lighting services while business management students oversaw the shooting of 5 short films. They were titled: C’Thulhu, Dagon, Dunwich, Erich Zahn, and Rats. The students are maintaining a comprehensive blog of their progress in post production. The project was overseen by VFS head of the Entertainment Business Management department, Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, who also produced a 7-minute behinds the scenes documentary of the production titled, The Interactive Lovecraft. Further there are some photos taken by a student here. The VFS press department seems to be on a roll with this project…more will follow.

The Higgins, “Free Like Love”

Factoring in 41 years of inflation since Woodstock ’69 LOVE has somehow managed to stay free in Canada suggests, The Higgins, in their first single from their second album, Dreamers Like us, which is scheduled for release in Spring 2010. [media id=33 width=600 height=330] Official music video for “Free Like Love” by The Higgin. Directed by multiple award-winner Stephano Barberis and produced by Arkadia Pictures Inc. Scroll down for a technical lighting summary of the setup. Lighting Summary: We rigged the stage for cinematographer Ron Williams C.S.C with a 4×8′ softbox above the band. The rig consisted of 3 blondes and a frame of 216 diffusion. It was built with pipe and burtons from a goalpost allowing it to “pendulum” down so the angle of light would be less overhead and more in the eyes of our talent. Due to the weight of the rig our goalpost consisted of three 20′ schedule 40 pipes (1 1/2″ Aluminum) joined together into a triangle formation using Modern Studio Equipment mini-truss brackets. We cranked the rig up in super-crank roller stands (12.6′ max height). The wheels on the stand allowed us to roll the entire rig closer to the camera to make the lighting more frontal for the closeups. Of primary concern to Ron was beauty lighting for the band’s two female musicians. In addition tot he softbox over the stage we filled from over the heads of the crowd using a 10k fresnel through a 6×6 frame of half grid cloth. We used solid blades and flops to cut most of the spill off the crowd so it would project over their heads into the eyes of our band. There was also two tungsten units on the ground through diffusion frames to fill from below the stage in front of the band because that was the direction they would look down at the crowd. These units were hidden from camera between the crowd and the stage on the ground. Technical Notes: If doing a similar rig consider using a specialized truss lifting support from the theatre/live event industry in place of super-crank stands. They are usually load rated much higher then super-cranks and some of them can go upwards of 20′ in height which would be a huge asset if the stage was any higher (compared to 12.6′ for a super-crank stand). Also consider using real truss for less sag across the span. We used ropes and pulleys from the truss of the studio to safety our rig but if you didn’t have access to a lift to get up there you’d certainly want to make your truss more rigid.

Underslung Red Camera Peewee/Jib Rig

Behold, a RED Camera underslung on TALCO’s Porta Jib standard. The picture may be old, but we thought it looked neat enough to post. It’s turning into a busy summer. The dolly belongs to Peter Reynolds and is an Italian made version of Chapman’s Peewee Dolly. It crabs and has an excellent hydraulic boom movement. Notice how we have triangulated the legs on the dolly (front wheels square at 90 degrees, back wheels parallel at 0 degrees) for a smoother dance floor style move — a trick we learned from Peter himself. On the subject of old photos, here’s another one of the Italian peewee dolly in action for us.