The Higgins, “Free Like Love”

Factoring in 41 years of inflation since Woodstock ’69 LOVE has somehow managed to stay free in Canada suggests, The Higgins, in their first single from their second album, Dreamers Like us, which is scheduled for release in Spring 2010. Official music video for “Free Like Love” by The Higgin....

Nobody Says No to Jessie Farrell

Official music video for “Nobody Says No” by Jessie Farrell. This is the second single and video off Jessie’s new album Good, Bad & Pretty Things (604/Universal). Directed by multiple award-winner Stephano Barberis and produced by Arkadia Pictures Inc. Cinematography by Ron Williams C.S.C.

Scatterheart flies around Vancouver

Offical Video for Scatterheart’s “More Than A Man” Scatterheart’s love letter to Vancouver: Filmed in front of Vancouver’s landmarks: Science World, Sunset Beach and the SeaWall in the summer of 2009. From the album, ‘The Masterplan’ AVAILABLE ON ITUNES and at WWW.SCATTERHEART.CA Credits: Produced and directed by Scatterheart • Edited by Mike Southworth • Filmed...