The RED Rad Revolution hits Vancouver

TALCO first met Tony Dean of Red Rad Motion Pictures on a small Granville Island Market shoot for director Attila Luca. We have been able to follow Tony’s development of of his RADcam – Rapid Aerial Deployment Camera System now for several months and it is looking quite impressive. It is innovations like these combined with emerging technology such as the RED camera which is bringing independent filmmakers one step closer to their dreams. Tony has been around the indy scene in Vancouver for a long time now and it is hard to imagine anyone better equipped to deliver innovations at this level then Tony who has built his whole business around them. Look for the Red Rad ambulance / camera truck on sets near you- nice!   

Real TROUNCE ALLEY please stand up!

Will the real Trounce Alley please stand up? Witness this sneak peak as photographed through the lense of Christopher Wallace — who first suggested the idea of a blog-based TALCO website — from a window overlooking the real Trounce Alley in Gastown. Could this be the start of a series? Only time will tell.

Farewell DOC master Geoff Browne

Vancouver loses one of its finest spirited filmmakers in writer, director Geoff Browne of Boundless Light, known around town for his Tibetan documentary, Kall it Karma. He has moved to Los Angeles to pursue directorial projects on feature length productions. He may be gone for now, but his name, along with TALCO, will be appearing soon on a 2-month shoot produced by Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker Malcom Clarke. Look for this highly controversial feature length docu-drama to be released within the next year making headlines big time. TALCO is pleased to have participated in 6 weeks of interviews followed by 2 weeks of big budget reconstructions which will bring this terrifying story to life. In the mean while, you’ll have to see Malcom’s recently Oscar nominated, Prisoners of Paradise — or perhaps even more intense his 1985 exploration of  American Vietnam vets hiding from a society in which they are no longer fit to coexist with, Soldiers in Hiding. As for us, we are happy to have had an opportunity to work with filmmakers of such high caliber and for an extended period of time. Thanks as well to Barna Alper from Toronto for organizing, producing, and distributing this very interesting production.We look forward to working on many more amazing documentaries and we wish Geoff Browne great success abroad until we may next work with him again.