Arkadia Award winning Videos with TALCO

We’ve been busy over the last year with one of our favorite music video production duos: multi-award winning Director Stephano Barberis and cinematographer Ron Williams CSC, the two creative front-ends for  Arkadia Pictures. With these two we’ve had the opportunity to work on award winning videos for CMT and Much music artists. In the course of making these videos we’ve filmed everything from night exterior performances along the cambie bridge, to large outdoor sets at ajatan studios, to elaborate rain and stunt rigging effects, and green screens. We’ve just found a bunch of their videos online and are posting them below, enjoy. Anything August – Last Minute (Much Music): [media id=10] The Yoko Casionos – Loose Cannon (Much Music): [media id=9] Jason Blaine – What I Can’t Forget (CMT): [media id=8] Shane Yellowbird – Pickup Truck (CMT): [media id=7] Aaron Pritchett – Warm Safe Place (CMT): [media id=6]

Under the Sycamore Tree

Filmed in 2006 with cinematography and lighting by TALCO’s  Josh Alkoff, Bases Loaded Entertainment has launched a website for this family flick starring Agam Darshi and Chris Shields. This film was selected for the Hollywood Black Film Festival in Beverly Hills and has had further screenings in Los Angeles and Lousiana. [media id=3 width=600 height=338] SYNOPSIS FOLLOWS: After superstar NFL quarterback, ROMAN CHRISTOPHE, says goodbye to a cheating wife, he takes an opportunity to re-acquaint himself with his eight year old daughter, CHRISTIAN, and her mother, POLLY. Without hesitation, Roman makes his intentions clear. He wants to reconcile. The tranquil, yet, spunky town of William Moss, West Virginia is soon overwhelmed upon the arrival of mega-star athlete Roman Christophe. Business at the town’s only coffee and pastry shop has never been better. However, not nearly as star struck as her easily impressed community at large; Polly, shop owner, makes it perfectly clear that even amidst the sudden increase in revenue, a reconciliation with the three time Super Bowl MVP is absolutely out of the question. The shit hits the fan when Roman, finally accepting Polly’s ill affection, begins courting ALLISON PARKER, his daughter’s third grade teacher. In the meantime, Polly, obviously oblivious to the town’s newest romantic item, begins to shrug her disdain for Roman. The thought of a life with he and Christian seems more like a happy ending rather than a spiteful ending. Needless to say, sparks can be seen clear across the county when Polly runs into Roman and Ms. Parker in the unmentionable section of the William Moss drug store. When the dust finally settles, the town that nestles itself 200 miles south of Washington, D.C. and a million miles from the rest of the world will never be the same