Reuben and the Dark

This was an intimate video where we worked closely with the artists, Reuben and the Dark and minimalist DP Mike McLaughlin of Blackroad Productions. This video was made in two days in the forests of British Columbia.

Faber Drive, “You And I Tonight” released.

The final video for Faber Drive, “You And I Tonight” with cinematographer Danny Nowak C.S.C, Key Grip Mike Branham of Best Film Services, and lighting by TALCO. The video was directed by Colin Minihan of Digital Interference and produced by Shawn Angeleski. Rain Effects by BrantFX. [media id=44 width=640 height=380]

Faber Drive Teaser

UPDATE: Final video has been posted above. The band Faber Drive posted a behind the scenes sneak peak of their recent music video shoot “You And I Tonight”. We worked with cinematographer Danny Nowak C.S.C on this one doing the lighting along with Key Grip Mike Branham of Best Film Services. The video was directed by Colin Minihan of Digital Interference and produced by Shawn Angeleski. It was a wet night at Terminal City outdoor set in Vancouver, the rain towers and SPFX were done by our friends BrantFX, coincidently the same people and the same film set we collaborated on several years ago for the highly controversial CTV docudrama Pickton, by Academy Award winning director Malcom Clarke. [media id=41 width=400 height=260]

Caspian “Amnesia” – featuring Belly

Here’s a video from last year, shot at one of the abandoned buildings in the 240 acre Riverview Mental Health complex which still actively houses clinically insane from all over Canada. The video is Caspian, “Amnesia” featuring Belly and its directed by multi-Leo award winning director Matthew Schilling. [media id=37 width=600 height=330]

Elise Estrada, “Poison” explores lesbian fantasy

19 year old Asian-Canadian Juno nominated pop sensation and former Miss Vancouver Princess, Elise Estrada explores a feminine attraction and has a lesbian fantasy in her latest music video, released recently on Much Music, titled “Poison”. Set off by her first female kiss in a nostalgic 50’s diner, she works herself into an erotic dance frenzy complete with cages, dancing girls, geishas, leather couches and mannequins. She soon is wreathing in a sweaty cage herself locked in an ecstatic dance with other girls. The video pays homage to her inspiration Rhianna, “Disturbia”. We worked with cinematographer Norm Li and filmed at Can-Am studios in Vancouver on 35mm film. The director was Ali Visanji for ROCKStar Music Corp. [nggallery id=1] [UPDATE] The embedded link to Elise Estrada – Poison video on her youtube page been updated below. [media id=19]

Arkadia Award winning Videos with TALCO

We’ve been busy over the last year with one of our favorite music video production duos: multi-award winning Director Stephano Barberis and cinematographer Ron Williams CSC, the two creative front-ends for  Arkadia Pictures. With these two we’ve had the opportunity to work on award winning videos for CMT and Much music artists. In the course of making these videos we’ve filmed everything from night exterior performances along the cambie bridge, to large outdoor sets at ajatan studios, to elaborate rain and stunt rigging effects, and green screens. We’ve just found a bunch of their videos online and are posting them below, enjoy. Anything August – Last Minute (Much Music): [media id=10] The Yoko Casionos – Loose Cannon (Much Music): [media id=9] Jason Blaine – What I Can’t Forget (CMT): [media id=8] Shane Yellowbird – Pickup Truck (CMT): [media id=7] Aaron Pritchett – Warm Safe Place (CMT): [media id=6]