Lighting up downtown Calgary

A true indie experience, last September we were in Calgary for 3 weeks working on a film with local cinematographer Aaron Bernakevitch. The experience re-equainted us with filmmaking outside of Vancouver, where the dream is still very much alive! In fact, local businesses were friendly and the city was inviting. It appears that without...

H1Z1: Zombie Flu wraps

The Zombie Flu reaches Vancouver with a recent horror  film, H1Z1, by director Tim Lok. We filmed extensively in the forest out on Pipeline Road with a few scenes around downtown Vancouver. Shot on RED Camera by DOP Randy Che we had to maximize our production value with minimal equipment...


We have taken on projects with first time filmmakers & academy award winning directors alike, on all size productions ranging from self-funded “passion projects” and music videos, to high-end commercials and feature length films supported by investors and distribution.