Danny Nowak Cinematography Workshops

[singlepic id=177 w=300 h=400 float=left] TALCO assists Danny Nowak C.S.C. in a first of it’s kind Capilano University Cinematography Workshop for indigenous people of Canada.

The intensive studio course followed the success of another workshop we did at BCIT Film Flex program for graduating students who — prior to us — felt that they were lacking in hands on education and real world experience.

At both schools we brought in our 5-ton lighting and grip package truck for a week and helped provide the students a crash course in cinematography, Danny style

It started with overviews of the truck, the equipment, and essential lighting principals such as: a) the inverse square rule for fall-off of light and b) the relative size of a light source as it relates to the softness of the light a.k.a. the importance of a large bounce or diffusion frame; we then built sets and put them hands-on through the process of shooting a scene.

Teaching was a very rewarding experience –The indigenous people at Capilano for example were grateful of our filmmaking wisdom and eager to apply their newfound knowledge to complete their film studies at the university. They will soon return to their native lands to become filmmakers and story tellers for future generations.

The BCIT Film Flex students began their final practicum following our workshop and worked for 30 days in the industry.

Currently Danny Nowak C.S.C and TALCO are looking for more opportunities to take the workshop on the road.

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These photos were taken at the Capilano cinematography workshop.

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