Jaydee Bixby – “My So Called Life”

Arkadia Pictures music video director Stephano Barberis was at it again with another CMT music video, this time for Canadian Country Music artist Jaydee Bixby in support of his album, Cowboys and Caddillacs. Shot by the Rocket a.k.a Ron Williams C.S.C. using an array of 9-light maxi brutes pulsing together on a 600 amp dimmer pack, he backlit the performances and flared the lense, often accentuated by streak filters. We had a second generator available to power our 6k HMI Par key because the amount of line disturbance from the fluctuating high current created visible HMI flicker until we re-patched to the backup generator.

Stephano intercut the video performance with a second day of b-roll footage using the band on location around town with available light. This allowed us to concentrate on lighting the performances at the farm location and for pyrotechnics expert Darcy Davis to blow up a van for the finale.

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