Fresh Paint for TALCO Package Truck

Here’s a sneak peak of new artwork to decorate our 5-ton Lighting and Grip Combo Truck. The works are by the talented Scott Sueme and Coleman Webb of Kids At Heart Collective. Guest appearance by Arpi from Montreal.

Scott first appoached us on the set of Under the Apple Box when by chance we were filming at an elementary school in Strathcona a few weekends after the Police Shooting. SUEME and WEBB were painting a mural for the community which involved children and school a few meters away from our Truck. The rest is in the ozone….and rolling through North Vancouver, Kerrisdale, and the Country Club.

We may have a few cameos soon, can you spot us?

Trounce Alley Lighting Company mural by Scott Sueme
Trounce Alley Lighting Company mural by Scott Sueme
TALCO - Kids At Heart - Outside BPB
TALCO outside the set of Brandon Paris Band, 'Can't Hate You' featuring unofficial artwork collaboration between street artists SUEME, WEBB, and ARPI.

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