Rumi, “Nevermind” Music Video

EMI recording artist Rumi of Clairvoyant Pictures has posted his new music video for the song, “Nevermind” — about an Isreali and a Palestinian romance not to be (until the end of course). The artist wanted a Brooklyn loft style theme to the video so we filmed at the Ironworks building in Gastown which hosts many a music video performance.

EMI Recording Artist Rumi, "Nevermind"
EMI Recording Artist Rumi, "Nevermind"

The lighting was conventional music video style with a key through a 6’x6′ light grid frame. Smoke, backlight, etc. Single kino flo tubes were mounted vertically along the back wall. We did build a nice little pipe rig for our Source Four Par backlights. They were framed in the shot which and encouraged to flare with the ‘streak filter’ on the lens.

The rig consisted of a 12′ length of Schedule 40 aluminum tube fastened to a support beam using our adjustable C-Clamp kit from Modern Studio Equipment. Picture a regular c-clamp split into two parts, each with a pipe coupling so they can slide to any width, and then bite down onto the pipe with set screws.

TALCO lighting at the Ironworks in Gastown for EMI artist Rumi
TALCO lighting at the Ironworks in Gastown
Accompanying Performance for Rumi, "Nevermind"
Accompanying Performance for Rumi, "Nevermind"

You can watch the video below:
note: we only did day one so don’t blame us for the nasty reflections in the condo high-rise shots, they did most of the inserts on day two run-and gun style around downtown Vancouver adding an available light/home grown aspect to the video. Format was 4k RED Camera.

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