New design maintains indy filmmaking spirit

In an effort to gain more clients we are in the process of developing our website into a blog format. This will allow us to have more fun with the site and post announcements, tidbits of media surrounding our projects, or other press releases. The world of internet technology is changing so rapidly that we have turned to open source web-publishing software to keep us afloat.

Our platform of choice is the widely established WordPress project which gained popularity over Movable Type when the later temporarily revoked its public licenses in an attempt to go fully private. In the spirit of independent filmmakers we choose to go with the purest project because the two are comparable in features.

A TALCO technician demonstrates lighting and gripping on a TERMINAL CITY set.
BARNA-ALPER DEC 2007: a TALCO technician demonstrates his lighting and grip skills on set at TERMINAL CITY.

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