Going BIG is within REACH

William F. Whites
WFW International supplies TALCO with large equipment as needed.

TALCO is more then capable of organizing a large scale production with circus, generators, pre-rigging crews, condors, cable trucks, and the works.

All you need to do is rent a gennie and/or a slush truck with supplemental distro, oversized lights and grip gear from a rental house using our truck as a base of tools, expendables, and expertise. In many cases you can avoid, or minimize an expensive prep day.

We have a working relationship with William F. White International Commercials Division and can arrange to sub-rent larger equipment as needed. Our experience with the rental company ensures that we get exactly what we need at the best price possible for your production.

By building our relationship through the commercials department we are able to get personal attention and bypass the hierarchy and b$ of the features world while maintaining full access to the equipment we need and the support we trust.

Our base truck package makes sub rentals easier because we already have many of the stands and support items. This means less equipment for the rental house to pull off their shelves, and less prep for us — equals more savings for you. It provides flexibility within budgets all around.

When you contract TALCO for your large scale productions, we bring business to the rentals houses in the form of subrentals — keeping everything in it’s natural order. You will not incur wrath by trying to bypass the established houses because they operate on different levels from us, and we actually work together with them. They provide the large equipment we need, and we provide the expertise and skill to create the production value the producers want. The more we can help the producers attain their vision, the larger the productions they can do in the future, and the more we go back to the rental houses for even larger equipment. This integrated concept allows us all to grow larger together.

 TALCO has an excellent truck package and a versatile set of equipment, but we cannot provide and maintain on our own the thousands and millions of dollars worth of equipment required for a large scale production. This is where the rental houses make their money. 

For smaller shows sometimes it costs so much just to have the rental houses pull the orders, and for producers to arrange for pickups, inventory, and returns — that many times the rental house will prefer you to go with TALCO and rent only the few extra things you need from them.

When you contract us you are gaining our skills, crew, expendables, and simplifying your prep time. It is a win-win situation. Having our truck on set provides confidence for us to improvise and handle any situation we encounter on set. All too often does a production stumble when it finds it is missing something obvious that is overlooked. Many times a producer wont even be aware of the shortcoming because every department improvises the best it can. But it comes at a cost in speed and efficiency. We can count on our truck and the knowledge of our tools without having to waste time with less. As a result our department runs smoother and faster so you get your shot list with time to spare. 

Lets go big together — it is within your reach — and we have the support of the industry behind us!
All you need is OUR truck and some big DREAMS!

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