The Higgins “Second Hand Car” posted

Award winning director Stephano Barberis posts  facebook notes on several music videos, including one we did with his production company Arkadia Pictures, for a country music video artist trio – The Higgins.

UPDATE 2009:  The video has been disabled for embedding (probably by the label)
UPDATE 2010:  It’s been reposted in HD and can be embedded again, here it is below:

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And here are some photos Stephano had posted which happen to show off some of our grip gear:

TALCO's GI TRACK ( as well as our Modern Studio Kit 14' Pipe Boom<br />photo courtosy of Arkadia Pictures © January 2009
ARKADIA PICTURES JAN 2009: GI Track & TALCO's 14' MSE Pipe Boom Kit (menace arm) for Ron Williams CSC

Above, our Modern Studio Equipment pipe boom kit (menace arm), which we built into a 14′ length using Schedule 40 Spec aluminum pipe. We placed this on a mambo combo stand with add on studio wheels. We use this thing on just about every music video we do because it is quick to adjusts with ratchets and glides around on a studio floor with ease. Cinematographers love it because it can easily boom soft light in close to the performers face for flattering sex appeal guaranteed to make their agent’s (and groupies) pleased.

You can also see the GI Track we laid for the dolly. This is the cadillac of track because it is rigid and all the parts, including the capping we ride on, is replaceable with bolts and screws without having to ship the whole unit back to the the manufacturer at great expense to us. The track is sturdy enough to lift 2 or 3 lengths connected together at one time for quick repositions, which is always important for the high speed shooting style of music videos.

The photo below demonstrates a lighting setup by cinematographer Ron Williams CSC (the rocket) utilizing several 20′ goalposts and a duvatyne teaser to slow the front light off the background. In this particular shot we keyed the performers with a 12’x12′ frame of Lt. Grid Cloth using 2 10K Fresnels. We wanted the biggest softest light we could create and the largest distance from the background to let it fall into darkness.

ARKADIA PICTURES JAN 2009: An example of goal posts and teasers for Ron Williams CSC.
ARKADIA PICTURES JAN 2009: An example of goal posts and teasers for Ron Williams CSC.

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