Jaydee Bixbee & Melissa Cavatti Videos

It appears to be the end of the year music video round-up for TALCO and we have found two more postings of our work from earlier in the year. These two videos were both done for Triton Films.

The first is for young country music star Jaydee Bixbee, “Old Fashioned Girl”, and the second for pop singer Melissa Cavatti, “Passenger”. The artists appear to be getting younger and younger by the day.

We had to go all the way to Chilliwack to find a suitable panorama farm location for Jaydee’s video which involved a circular dolly track around a 4-man band. It was simply dizzying 😉 Melissa’s video was filmed on 35mm around Vancouver including jerrico beach, a skate park on main, and even a moving bus. 

Enjoy the videos below:

Jaydee Bixbee – Old Fashioned Girl

[media id=12]

Melissa Cavatti – Passenger

[media id=11]

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